Foundation Problems With Your Home In San Antonio: Causes and Advice

The foundation of your home is crucial as it supports the entire structure. Issues with the foundation can cause many other problems with the house, making it unsafe to live in. If you’ve been informed that your foundation is faulty or if you’re noticing signs of a bad foundation, selling your home traditionally may be difficult. Nonetheless, there may be alternatives available to you.


In areas such as San Antonio, where many homes are built on slab on-grade foundations, the most common cause of foundation problems is the fluctuation of moisture levels beneath the house. Knowing this cause can assist you in identifying if your foundation is at risk and can help you choose the best repair method for your needs.

The following are common causes of foundation problems in San Antonio, Texas:

  • Dry climate
  • Slab on-grade foundations
  • Clay soil
  • Sudden moisture shifts
  • Excessive downpours

Water Is Often A Major Culprit

If your home’s foundation has been stable for a long time but is now showing signs of damage, the issue could be related to water problems that are causing damage. If you don’t clean out your gutters, they can overflow and cause water to drain around your foundation. Over time, this can weaken the soil and lead to foundation issues and leaks in your basement or crawlspace. Landscaping changes, like adding a pool or installing underground pipes, can also cause drainage problems if the soil is not properly repositioned to direct water away from your home. Excess water can cause severe damage to a foundation and result in significant repair costs, regardless of the cause of the problem.


It is normal for foundations to shift and settle a few inches due to the weight and soil composition. This can cause small gaps in concrete floors and walls of garages, basements, and foundations. When selling a property, it is important to inspect for any small cracks in these areas. In case the cracks continue for a long time, it may be necessary to consult an expert for assessment.If you notice that settlement fractures are widening or if your basement/foundation walls are leaning or bowing inward, it’s important to have a structural engineer assess your foundation. Look for signs of sagging in cement block foundations, such as stair step cracks, cracked or broken blocks, and water seeping through the wall.

The Tricky Issues With Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

If you have foundation issues, it’s recommended to review your policy and call your agent to be sure. Unfortunately, many homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover foundation repairs. However, if the damage was caused by a covered natural disaster, you may be able to get insurance coverage. For example, if your home was destroyed by a tornado and the foundation was damaged, your insurance company may pay for repairs. It’s unlikely that insurance will cover repairs for most foundation problems caused by settling, faulty installation, or poor conditions. It’s important to thoroughly review your insurance policy and ask your agent specific questions to understand what is covered.

Get Advice From A Structural Engineer

To get an accurate estimate for repairing your foundation, it’s recommended to consult with a certified structural engineer instead of a foundation contractor. Look for an engineer who specializes in evaluating foundations and can provide you with a repair plan. Going this route may save you money because their focus is on giving you advice, not selling you repair services. While most foundation repair companies are trustworthy, some may suggest expensive solutions before identifying the actual cause of foundation issues. To avoid this, it’s best to hire a structural engineer who can thoroughly inspect your foundation, prepare a report on the issues, and recommend appropriate fixes. To avoid receiving different opinions and cost estimates, you can provide foundation repair companies with the engineer’s report and request estimates based on the recommended repair solution for your foundation.

Can I Skip The Repairs And Sell My Home With Foundation Defects?

If your house has foundation problems but you need to sell it, be honest about the issues and adjust your asking price accordingly. If foundation problems are discovered during a home inspection, buyers may become suspicious about other undisclosed issues with the house and back out of the purchase. Unrepaired foundation problems can greatly affect a house’s structural stability, which is a major concern for potential buyers who might opt out of buying a house with hidden foundation problems. If you price your house fairly and disclose all relevant information, a buyer may purchase your house and choose to address the foundation issues.

Do Not Hide The Foundation Problems When Selling Your Home

If you knew about foundation flaws before selling your property and did not disclose them, you may face a lawsuit from the buyer. The court may order you to refund the purchase amount and pay punitive damages for your negligence. Alternatively, you may be ordered to pay for the foundation repairs and also punitive damages. It is advisable to inform potential buyers about any foundation problems beforehand to avoid such consequences.

If you have the means, the best approach to address foundation problems is to have them fixed. This will improve your chances of attracting buyers, especially since they will have peace of mind knowing that any foundation issues have been properly resolved and may even come with a lifetime warranty. In addition, repairing foundation problems can also increase the selling price of your home. On the other hand, selling a house with foundation issues “as-is” will only appeal to buyers who are looking for a great bargain and understand that foundation problems can be solved at a reasonable cost.

Sell Your House With Foundation Problems As-Is For Cash

If you are in San Antonio and need to sell your home quickly, but do not have the time or money to fix foundation problems, consider contacting Home Offer Solutions. We specialize in assisting homeowners who are in a similar situation as yours.

One of our professional team members will assess your home, and we may offer you a cash purchase without requiring any repairs, insurance claims, inspections, or extra fees. If we present you with a cash offer and you agree to it, we can usually finalize the deal through the title company within a week.If you are experiencing foundation problems in San Antonio and are interested in alternative options, please call us today at 210-817-3427 to learn more about our methods of operation and excellent reputation.

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