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A comprehensive guide on selling a house fast

Selling a house can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. There are many factors, such as the housing market, that can influence the sale of a home. As a homeowner, how can you set yourself up for success? If you have wondered how to sell my house fast in San Antonio, there are strategies you can use to speed up the process. Some require more work up front, and others allow you to sit back and relax. Home Offer Solutions is here to review best practices for homeowners in San Antonio that are trying to sell their house fast.

Since Texas is one of the biggest states, we will focus specifically on San Antonio. This comprehensive guide will provide detailed strategies that will make your life easier – and hopefully put more money in your pocket! We buy houses in San Antonio and are excited to share our experiences and perspectives with the community. From here, you can begin the process full steam ahead and sell your property in San Antonio, TX.

Is it possible to sell your house fast?

Before starting the process or making any rash decisions, you need to review your timeline. How soon do you need this to be completed? It may not be possible if there are major time constraints. Are you leaving the country in a week to travel the world? We have bought houses in a short amount of time, but 1 week is tough to swing. If you need to sell my house fast in San Antonio, review how much time you can allocate towards the process. “Time is money”.

4 Advanced Strategies to Sell a Home in San Antonio

Whether you are dealing with a large multi-family home, or a small condo, each type of property comes with its own quirks. They can be viewed as advantages, or disadvantages, depending on the end buyer. That is sometimes half the battle: finding the right home buyer.

  • “There is someone out there for everyone”

Regardless of your property’s features, you can likely sell your house as is by connecting with the right person who wants to purchase it. However, we are not all fortunate enough to find the perfect match right away. For homeowners that have thought I need to sell my house fast, utilize these tips to your benefit. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Even if your home isn’t perfect, you can still achieve a quick house sale in San Antonio.

sell my house fast

Sell my house as is

When selling a house in San Antonio as is, you remove most of the friction from the process. If I sell my house as is, what does that mean? There are several benefits to this selling strategy:

  • No repairs
  • It saves you time and upfront money
  • You don’t have to pay off your liens

The beauty of selling property this way is clear. As a homeowner, you don’t have to do a single repair to your home before working with someone to buy it. How beautiful is that? For people that have owned their home for multiple decades, there are likely tons of upgrades and repairs that need to be completed to bring it up to speed. For example, outdated electrical is a common issue we see in older properties.

You can save a ton of money upfront by selling a house as is. Keep your wallet full and avoid working on tiresome renovations. Do you feel uncomfortable doing the work yourself?

By utilizing this strategy to sell your home, you don’t have to swing a hammer. On the flip side, you can avoid work with contractors, which can also cost you extra money down the line if they don’t do a great job. Depending on the extent of the repairs and upgrades, your timeline could lengthen. If you need to sell my house fast in San Antonio, avoid doing repairs when possible. Your wallet and timeline will thank you later.

sell my house fast san antonio texas

For Sale by Owner

Do you prefer to “do it yourself”? For homeowners that enjoy riding solo, you can sell your house fast in San Antonio, Texas without any outside assistance. This means that you are not working with a realtor. There are several benefits to selling a house by owner. First, before getting too deep into the weeds, I would ask yourself how much time you can devote to this process.

When selling a house by owner in San Antonio, you need to will some manpower (or womanpower) behind your efforts. There is paperwork, showings, marketing, and negotiations that all fall onto your plate. If you are up for the challenge, it can save you tons of money. Typically, when working with a realtor, you are required to pay a 6% commission based on the sale price of your home. For example:

What would you do with an extra +$12,000 in your pocket? That is the potential savings you can expect when using this strategy to sell a house fast in San Antonio.

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Besides saving a ton of cash, the other HUGE benefit of using this strategy is the time that you save. You avoid all of the major pitfalls that make this process slow and arduous. For example, you avoid the following:

  • Open houses
  • Multiple days of showings
  • FHA buyers (usually)

How important to you is time? If you have thought that I need to sell my house fast in San Antonio, listing it on the market may not be a viable option. Running the open houses is honestly the thing that eats up the most time. Usually, a homeowner will schedule 2-3 different weekends to host them. It is recommended to see them all the way through to increase your chances of getting a good offer. Hopefully, if you do go that route, you don’t get too many tire kickers walking through your home!

Marketing your house

There are several tasks that will fall on your lap to complete when selling a house by owner. We will dive into creative marketing strategies later on, but for now, I wanted to highlight the importance of it when using this selling strategy. Marketing your house is extremely important. If home buyers don’t know you are selling your house, how can they make you offers? It is as simple as that. Spread the word to the masses. That is the best way to get your house sold quickly in San Antonio, TX.

cash home buyers

Work with a cash home buyer

This goes hand-in-hand with selling a house by owner. Typically, if you are using that strategy to sell your property quickly, you may be working with this type of investor.

Cash home buyers are spread throughout Texas in the major cities, especially San Antonio. They see the value of Texas real estate and want their piece of the pie. This relation is mutually beneficial. The cash home buyers can pay the bills and do their job. On the opposite end, you get to sell your house fast. Why is working with this type of buyer so critical to the home-selling process?

Cash Offer for my house

Have you ever received postcards or letters stating that someone wants to make a cash offer for your house? Some may be fake, but some are legitimate. In general, a cash offer instantly decreases the overall time it will take to close the deal. That is because “cash is king”. It is also liquid, meaning it can be verified easily and flow quickly from one party to the next.

Normally, a home buyer purchasing property with a conventional loan will need more time to close the deal. Banks will require credit checks, background checks, and income verifications that slow the process down. Is time of the essence? Maybe you have major deadlines to hit! If you have wondered how can I sell my house fast in San Antonio, working with buyers that pay cash will help. The standard sale of a home can take anywhere from 45 – 60 days when listing on the market or working with buyers paying with a loan. A cash home buyer cuts that in half. We have bought houses in San Antonio between 21 – 30 days.

Sell my house fast using the internet

The internet can feel like a scary place initially. While it’s important to still proceed with caution when you first meet someone online, you can find credit cash home buyers here. Plus, think about how many online purchases happen in today’s world. Real estate is included in that. How can you leverage the internet to sell your house quickly in Texas?

Locating the right home buyer when selling a house can be your golden ticket out. There may be a cash home buyer looking for the exact shape, size, and layout of your current residence. How perfect would that be?

There are great tools and platforms that you can use today to sell your house fast. Before getting lost in the mix, you must have a few things prepared.

  1. Photos of your house
  2. Information about the property
  3. A determined price
sell my house fast in san antonio

Photos of your house

Photos are incredibly important when preparing to sell a house on the internet. People shop online now more than ever. However, just because there are more fish in the water, you still need to cast the right line with the right bait. Cash home buyers will sometimes make offers on houses without seeing them. For properties that are in parts of San Antonio with high demand, you have a higher chance to sell your home without good photos. Typically, we recommend taking them – it can only help.

Detailed description

The more details that you can disclose upfront about your house, the better. 99% of the truth comes out eventually anyway. Experienced home buyers will be able to pinpoint certain flaws or quirks in a property while walking through. Additionally, they may bring a contractor with them to verify the condition. It is not worth hiding items that are damaged. Contingencies within the contract protect buyers by giving them an excuse to back out if the condition is not what they were originally told.

Determining price

How much should you sell your house for? You can shoot for the moon and slap a $1million price tag on it. Regardless of your price, it makes sense to at least have a ballpark figure out what you are looking to get. Online listings of properties without a price can stymie the selling process. For example, buyers may not even see your listing if it doesn’t have some kind of price or range in the description based on the parameters they have set up online.

How to Sell My House Fast in a Slow Market

Leveraging technology is one of the best pieces of advice I can give a homeowner when trying to achieve a quick house sale. Even if the market is slow, there are things that you can do to improve your chances of getting a strong offer. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Don’t let limiting beliefs bog you down. Take action through these selling strategies and make your life easier.

Selling a house quickly by leveraging technology

Technology can be used as your greatest marketing tool. Are you curious what the fastest way to sell your house in San Antonio is? It is the strategy of leveraging technology. Use it to your advantage by spreading the word about your house with the click of a button. It is common that home buyers purchase property through email, and even text messages. Where should you start?

Reach out to your local real estate meetups in San Antonio. Even if you do not have a large list of home buyer contacts yourself, there’s a chance that someone within this real estate group might. Don’t be afraid to ask. People within these groups love helping others in the community. Have you thought recently that I need to sell my house fast in San Antonio, but am afraid to use technology? By getting contacts of home buyers from local Texas investors, you can decrease the time it will take to get your home sold.

selling my house in san antonio

Once you receive a list of contacts, the next step is to reach out! You can use the following tools to help you spread the word quickly about selling your house:

  • Gmail
  • Constant Contact
  • Text Magic

For homeowners that have a small list of contacts, simply using an email provider, like Gmail, should be sufficient to contact everyone. Is the email list of home buyers large than 100 total contacts? At that point, it makes more sense to use a bulk email sending tool like Constant Contact. Additionally, if you have a large number of cell phone contacts, you can use tools like Text Magic to reach people at scale. This will save you tons of time when trying to sell your house fast through technology. Again, it only takes one buyer to close a deal.

Can I sell my house fast for cash

You know the words – “cash is king”. It’s true, and it can save you several weeks of time. When selling your house for cash, you remove the bank from the equation. The fewer cooks in the kitchen, the better! By finding a home buyer that pays in cash, you can sell your house fast in a slow market.

San Antonio has had plenty of strong years in terms of real estate appreciation. That helps properties sell quickly. However, downturns will naturally occur over time. When they do, you can still sell your home rapidly by finding the right buyer with liquid cash to spend.

Most experienced home buyers will pay in cash to make their offer competitive. If your house is in high demand, expect multiple cash offers. It’s easy to get shiny object syndrome when these offers flood in. Especially if all you can think is that I need to sell my house fast in San Antonio, you probably want to take the first offer you get. Pump the breaks and be patient. The right offer will find its way to you!

sell my house san antonio texas

Things to Avoid when selling a house in San Antonio

We reviewed several proven strategies to help you sell your home fast. Although San Antonio is a competitive real estate market, these strategies will work both here and in other cities across Texas. Selling a home fast in San Antonio is supposed to be easy, but obstacles can come up. What are some mishaps that you should avoid when going through this process?

Title issues

Ah! Pesky title issues. This is one of the primary reasons that a real estate deal falls apart. Often, the buyer and seller aren’t aware of the issues until they come up. When that is the case, the only thing you can do is run a title report as soon as possible to uncover those issues. Some of the issues may leave you dead in the water. Others may be solvable with the right focus and tact.

Selling a house fast with title issues is challenging. As a homeowner, it is critical that you disclose all information about the property that you are aware of. Are there any other decision-makers that have a stake in the property and should be involved in the sale? PLEASE get them involved as soon as possible. Or make an agreement with them that you will be solely handling the process.

Long-term contracts

Whether you work with a realtor, or directly with a cash buyer, getting into a long contract is usually not a good idea. To put it into perspective, when I say ‘long’, I mean +12 months. Unless your property is very unique, then you typically will not need to be under contract for more than 1 year. Usually, when we buy houses our contracts range from 1-4 months depending on the situation.

A great example of a property that does require a longer agreement is a huge piece of land, such as a farm. It will take a particular type of buyer to purchase something like that. For property owners that need to sell my house fast in San Antonio, avoid getting stuck in long-term contracts. Unless your house is on a farm, and you need to sell that too, a shorter contract will suffice.

Expanding your current house

It is a common misconception that if you add more square footage to your house, it will double in value. While it will likely increase a bit, you cannot expect huge returns on your investment unless you are doing large renovations. This is a common path that house flippers and real estate developers follow. It can work well and be worth it sometimes! However, it will require time from you and upfront payments to cover the renovation project.

There are other ways to add value to your house before selling it that are much simpler. For example, a quick coat of fresh paint can do wonders for the interior appeal of a home. For homeowners that plan to sell to a cash home buyer, painting is typically not required. You can sell your house as is to those types of buyers. Painting your house is more applicable if you are selling to a family who wants to move in right away, or if you are listing your property on the market.

sell my house fast in san antonio tx

Can I Sell my house fast in San Antonio as a Landlord

Are you running into tenant issues? It is easy to feel stuck when dealing with bad tenants that are late on rent. There is still an opportunity for you to avoid the hassle and get out of your situation. If you have thought that I need to sell my house fast in San Antonio and quit being a landlord, these strategies can provide you a way out. Let The Admiral tell you so!

Selling a house “as is” can mean whatever you and the home buyer decide. Even if you are dealing with an eviction or a squatter, you can still sell your house fast by finding the right buyer. Typically, it will be another investor willing to take on the challenge. They can pay for your house in cash to speed up the process, and close quickly.

Home Offer Solutions has previously done that for landlords. We bought a house in San Antonio from a landlord dealing with an eviction. Our team was able to take on the tenant, and the liability, allowing the landlord to walk away without the headache.

Home Offer Solutions buys houses in Texas across many major cities. If you need to sell my house fast in San Antonio, contact us to see how we can help. We specialize in providing creative real estate solutions to homeowners. Contact us today by filling out our form or give us a call.

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